Why doesn't your business use MongoDB?

Slides from the DC MongoDB Users Group meetup.

Nathen Harvey invited me to speak at the Washington DC MongoDB Users Group this month, and the purpose of the talk was to raise the question: “Why doesn’t your business use MongoDB?”

A few people asked me to post slides from the talk, but they would’ve been difficult to derive meaning from without the accompanying talk and discussion, so I added sticky notes to the slides to help with narration. I also added a post-meetup notes slide with a few links.

Presentation Slides

MongoDB 1.8rc0!

As fortune would have it, 10gen pushed out the release candidate for MongoDB 1.8 on the same day as the meetup, so we all got to hug and cry (happy tears) as a group. The big news here is that MongoDB can now employ write-ahead journaling.

Maximum Durability

That’s great news for the single-server durability hold-outs, as they may now comfortably proceed with their full embrace of MongoDB.

Posted on 25 Feb 2011 by Jim Garvin

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